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The G Squared Story AKA: Gor gives Grace a BIG ROCK

After five years, Gor is still able to surprise me.

Last year he was on travel status on the east coast for several months (flying back on weekends), and I flew out one winter weekend. On Saturday, December 10, we set off for a scenic driving tour after an overnight snowfall. I dozed off and woke up to see him motoring valiantly up a mountain towards a lighthouse. There was too much unplowed snow so we turned back and went to Bay of Fundy provincial park, stopping at a lookout point. We ventured out to scrape the snow off the sign and take some pictures. It was very cold, so when two guys and a dog stopped their truck and headed over, we jogged back to the warmth of the car and sat for a bit. After they left, Gor suggested we take some more pictures and I was reluctant, but followed him out. After another photo moment, he dropped to one knee in the snow. Before I could wonder what he was doing, he was holding an open ring box to me and asking me to marry him! I had thought about this moment but hadn't expected it at that moment. The next few moments after I said yes, I was slowly absorbing what this meant for our future together. It did feel like the world opened up for us that weekend, on the east coast where the stillness of winter gave solemnity to the moment, with expanses of untouched snow, endless sky and sun reflecting back and forth between the two. Truly we were the only two people in that moment, 1500 kilometers from Toronto.

From that winter day we began to plan for our day in the summer, and beyond.

One of the groomsmen asked if there was any difference to be engaged, and there is. It is a commitment and an act of faith to say that someone is your choice, the one you wish to stand next to, walk beside, live with, love and be loved by.

Enjoy the site, RSVP, and we look forward to seeing you on August 12!